Module 4 e journal Entry: The Seed Of Intelligence

seed-germinationI personally know very intelligent and talented people who wonder why their children are not as smart as they are.  I have a friend who happens to be a doctor and is married to a lawyer. Basing on their professions, I could say that they are both diligent and intelligent, predominantly left brain thinkers.  However, their children do not share any of their talents as well as interests. In fact, they even struggle to survive in school. What could have gone wrong? Is it because they did not inherit their parents’ genes? Or is it possible that, due to their busy schedules as professional workers, they  neglected nurturing their children thinking that they will develop naturally.

On one account, I also have witnessed people who have become highly successful in life in terms of academic achievements.  What is surprising is that, their parents were not even schooled. Their humble family did not even have extra resources to afford some luxuries. No tutors, no ipads and no memory enhancing diets and definitely no fancy dormitories. Yet, despite all the challenges, they graduated at the top of their class.

Is intelligence inherited or developed?  I believe that this question has long been debated and I am sure that it has spawned a lot of speculations and theories as well.

After going through the required readings on intelligence, I have formulated my own analogy and illustration of the subject matter by using a metaphor and here is my take on it.

A seed tells us all.  A seed’s potential to produce is imbedded in its genetic make-up.  Like a seed, we all posses certain intelligence or intelligences that are eventually expressed with the help of the environment. But no matter how stimulating the environment may be, if the trait (intelligence) is not there in the first place, it will never be expressed. However, I would say that even though the seed possesses a good genetic make-up that will allow it to produce well,  if it is devoid of a good soil that will provide its needed nutrition, water  and sunlight, it will never reach its maximum potential in expressing its best traits.  I think the same is true with intelligence. Even the most intelligent person can become dull, unmotivated without constant intellectual stimuli that will engage and encourage the learner.  Our daily experiences significantly nurture the development of our intelligence.


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