Aren’t Intelligence tests language biased?

When we talk about Intelligence, many people will11-3-3-machine-intelligence readily relate it to IQ tests and easily put a number that reflects one’s supposed intelligence.  However, I find this biased and unfair. Many intelligence tests contain verbal intelligence that measure vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar. Many of these are written in the English language (second language/foreign language). Because of this, I think that people in the western part of the world whose mother tongue is English have the upper hand when it comes to standard intelligence tests.  Easterners or Asians, although capable of understanding the English language, will naturally have more difficulty since they will be processing information differently. Perhaps one would read and translate what he has read in his own language first before he can make some meaning out of it.  I was thinking, If intelligence tests are written in Japanese and are given to native English speakers, wouldn’t they experience difficulty too? Will they perform as good as the ones written in their mother tongue? Pushing it further, if the IQ tests are written in Filipino wouldn’t we perform better than our western counterparts?  Come to think of it, we even have mastered their language as much as we have mastered our own. Doesn’t that make us Filipinos more talented? What are your thoughts about this? I will appreciate it if you could share your opinion.

The Main Components of the IQ Test By Yvonne Van Damme:


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