Final e-journal entry: A journey to remember

A journey to remember

The past 12 weeks in EDS103 was truly incredible. What was supposed to be just an academic requirement to fulfill turned out to be a life changing experience for me.  I have never thought that virtual learning can be this engaging, thought provoking and challenging. The learning theories unfolded themselves as I have experienced them real time in the entire course.

This Way to Learn

This Way to Learn

I have not been a student for a long time and the topics on metacognition and self-regulation helped me go back and wear my learning spectacles. I wish I had encountered this topic in my younger years as a student. It would have made a big difference. I thought I knew myself well until the discussions in metacognition revealed more and made me realize my strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Self-regulation more than just a topic has become a way of life. It has become my self-imposed rod of discipline. These concepts will surely be shared with other learners.

I am amazed by the eagerness of my virtual classmates in the forum. Many of the discussions have consumed my thoughts and engaged my critical thinking skills. I must say I was also entertained by many who shared their personal experiences.

I do not consider myself as a writer and I would rather sketch or take photographs of things that best describe my thoughts and interests.  But the entire e-journal wordpress blogging exercise in this course has opened another window for self expression. It was overwhelming in the beginning and I stared at the computer for hours and come up with nothing. I was intimidated to explore it and fear stunned me.  But social persuasion paved the way for me to plunge and learn. Thanks to encouraging classmates. It felt good! After a while it was all FLOW, losing track of time in personal reflections.

The brief encounter with the learning theories and perspectives in motivation will forever leave a mark in the way I see, think, process and respond to the events life has for me. It is a fantastic experience being able to look at different people’s motivations in a behavioral, humanistic, social, cognitive perspective. It has stretched the horizon of my thoughts and made me better equipped as a lifelong learner and a learning facilitator at the same time.

I have learned in behaviorism that people’s behavior can be conditioned and reinforced by stimuli. In social learning theory, children learn from observation and interaction with other people. Cognitivist theory looks beyond behavior to explain brain learning abilities. And Constructivists theory, states that development of knowledge and understanding involve processes of construction rather than just merely recording information.

Someone once said that life is a constant learning process, a journey to enjoy and an opportunity to appreciate everything along the way. As learners, we all constantly evolve and the only time we cease to learn is the time we cease to breathe. I am grateful to everyone who has been part of this learning experience.

As this course comes to an end I would like to thank all of my classmates for their thoughts and encouragement. To teacher Malou, who has been very motivating to everyone, you truly are amazing! Until now, I cannot imagine how you manage to read all of our outputs and comment on them. Thank you for your patience and for all the considerations you have extended to us. You have made this learning journey fruitful. I wish to personally meet you one of these days.

It has been a wonderful learning experience and a personal journey to remember.

Steve Jobs – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”


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