Notes for the day

Behavioral Theories – the mind can be conditioned to respond to a stimuli.

  • Classical Conditioning
  • Operant Conditioning

Cognitive Theories –  concerned with internal mental processes bet.stimuli and responses. making meaningful knowledge out of information. Outcome of processing information include remembering, concept-formation, reasoning and problem solving.

  • Social Learning Theories – people learn through interaction with others
  • Information Processing Theory- The mind is like a computer. Focuses on how information is recorded in long term memory.
  • Contstructivists – concerned with how learners construct their knowledge of the world.
    • Social Constructivists – Emphasize on the collaboration of knowledge. Social interaction, The More Knowledgeable Other (MKO), Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) (Vygotsky)
    • Cognitive Constructivists – emphasize on the child’s construction of knowledge.  Schema, Assimilation, Accommodation and  Equilibrium.(Piaget)


Lou Juachon Ph.D. Handouts  EDS103 Module Handouts


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