Module 8 e journal entry: We were made to memorize dates!

In high school I remember our Araling Panlipunan teacher made us memorize different historical dates of the events in the Philippines which made no impact at all in our deep processing and meaning making.  In fact, I perhaps just had stored it in my short term memory bank that I do not remember any of them at present time. I was not motivated at all for I could not see a practical purpose to learn it. To me, it was not learning but purely memorizing. I remember myself asking, what do these dates have to do with the things I will be doing in the future? I never found any use for it.  The historical events though were interesting topics that we have discussed in class and the teacher had her share of using constructivist principles by facilitating debates using current issues back then.

Given a chance to teach Araling Panlipunan, I think it would be wonderful to see students think critically in class by analyzing the events in the past and  its effects at  present time. I will allow them to discuss among themselves the pros and cons, the causes and the effects of Philippine history and let them creatively present in class what they understood about the topics. I will present problems and encourage them to come up with workable proposals based on their research and understanding of the historical events.


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