EDS 103:

Answers to  FLOW Activity

  1. Two variables, challenge level & skill level, as represented on the vertical and horizonatal axes of the chart, determine our motivational response to a learning experience.
  2. When challenge is (column 1) and Skill is (column 2), the learner’s response to a learning experience is (column 3).


Challenge Skill Motivational Response
Low Low Apathy
Low Moderate Boredom
Low High  Relaxation
Moderate Low Worry
Moderate High  Control
High Low Anxiety
High Moderate Arousal
High High  Flow

3. Thus, in conlusion, flow happens when the situation presents a high level challenge as perceived by the engager/learner that matches his talents and skills at his best. It provides the person a deep sense of gratification, sense of achievement and fulfillment for performing and accomplishing the goals he has set for himself.

As a visual learner, I find myself doodling and drawing even in class during my younger elementary years. At first I perceived this as lack of interest in class. Thanks to theories of learning and Howard Gardner, I have discovered I am perfectly normal.smile Growing up, I have learned to incorporate my drawings in my learning process. I was able to use symbols,doodles to represent key words and principles, making them easier to recall. In highschool,I would spend hours painting subjects and doing posters that interest me, barely noticing hunger until taking the time off to rest. At the university level, I have found anatomy and physiology subjects very interesting maybe because I find the human body design truly amazing. And perhaps because it gave me again wonderful opportunity to work with visuals.  I would draw human parts to remember them. The thing is, I think I had spent so much time drawing, learning in this subject area as compared to the other subjects.



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