Higher Order Thinkers

I believe that more than just teaching students about factual information at school, it is the teachers’ responsibility to provoke critical thinking specially for those who are teaching History, Aralin Panlipunan,Noli, El Fili, Economics, Life and works of Jose Rizal and the likes . It is more important that the students learn how to think productively rather than just accept whatever is fed to him/her.

A good teacher welcomes challenging questions and tries his best to answer them. But in the event that  he does not know the answer, he does not pretend to know nor attempts to give an information that may be misleading to the learners. He however, encourages everyone to seek for answers with him. As teachers though, it is expected that we are always ahead of our learners.

I have met some wonderful teachers in during my formal schooling years. I may have forgotten the exact topics we have talked about at school but I definitely remember how they made an impact in the way I learn about things.

Let us teach children not just what to learn but how and why they should learn.


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